Yoshihara Design Wheels – Daijiro Yoshihara’s Latest Venture

October 2, 2012

After a year in the making, 2011 Formula DRIFT champion, Daijiro Yoshihara and his team of wheel experts have officially released a collection of wheels that caters to not only his fans, but also to fellow enthusiasts. Drawing from the past, present, and future influences of wheel styling along with specific attributes for the intended use of the wheel, each design was personally selected by Dai and engineered by his team to be the perfect blend of form and function.

The initial launch of Yoshihara Design will consist of 4 different styles, all with individual unique features. Each wheel is manufactured with precision technology, so that drivers can expect maximum performance, stylish designs, and affordability. Wheel sizes will vary from 18” to 20” applications and will be available in multiple platforms for Japanese, European, and U.S. vehicles.

Yoshihara Design Champion

The Yoshihara Design Champion wheel was derived from the exact wheel that Dai used on his competition vehicle when he won the Formula DRIFT championship title in the 2011 season.  Much like his competition wheels, the Champion wheel was developed to be light weight for maximum performance while maintaining the structural rigidity needed for performance driving on the streets. The Champion wheel is available in 18″ sizes covering widths from 8″ – 10″ and offsets in the +15 to +40 range.

Yoshihara Design DY-12C

DY-12C is a lightweight cast wheel that achieves an impressive light weight of 19lb for 18 x 8. As light weight is important, emphasis was also placed to allow for ease of replacement. By marrying lightweight and reasonable cost, the DY-12C is the perfect wheel for the novice motorsport enthusiast.

Yoshihara Design DY-37C

The DY-37C draws from inspirations from the past and adapts new innovation in current wheel manufacturing techniques. Featuring a unique chrome step lip to provide optimal contrast. Step lip sizes from 2.5 on 18 x 8 applications and 3 inch for 18 x 9 and 18 x 10 applications. Perfect for aggressive fitments for max lip and effect.

Yoshihara Design DY-77C

DY-77C is a concave fin design to compliment VIP style sedans and sport coupes. Featuring concave design, edged CNC details, and a chrome lip, the DY-77C adds grace and style to any vehicle.

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