Yoshihara Finds the Podium In Europe

September 17, 2012

For the second year in a row, Daijiro Yoshihara travelled overseas to compete in Europe’s premier drifting competition series, Prodrift.  This event was the final round of the Prodrift Series of 2012 and it was only fitting to have competition held at one of the fastest racetracks in Europe, Mondello International Racing Circuit in Kildare, Ireland.

Yoshihara piloted the MG Crash Repairs Toyota Altezza over the competition weekend and in championship style, Yoshihara showed Europe why he was one of the best Drift competitors in the world.  Qualifying for the main event, Yoshihara was paired up against James Deane, a former Falken Tire Formula DRIFT teammate.  Both drivers drove aggressively; however, Yoshihara had a slight advantage and moved on to the great 8 when Deane straightened out his vehicle in the second round.

In the great 8 competition, Yoshihara was paired up against Wesley Keating who was having a strong showing over the weekend.  Keating was awarded the advantage after the first round as Yoshihara straightened in one of the corners.  However, during the second round, Keating came in too hot tapping Yoshihara from behind forcing Yoshihara to spin, which automatically sent Yoshihara to the finals.

Yoshihara was paired up against Brendon Stone, former Prodrift champion.  The first two rounds of the finals was definitely a display of championship driving as both drivers fought hard to knock one another out.  The judges deemed the competition too close to call and had to resort to a One More Time.  The One More Time round was not any easier to figure who would take home the win; however, the judges awarded Stone the win and Yoshihara took home second place.

“This weekend was awesome and I had so much fun here,” explains Yoshihara.  “Every time I compete here, I always have fun and I am always impressed with everyone’s driving styles.”

Among all the competition, Yoshihara was still able to spend some time with his fans in effort to help his charity, Relief For Japan (  He was able to raise over 300 Euros over the weekend.  “I am really grateful that I can meet people all over the world that continue to show their support for the relief efforts.  Thank you to everyone in Europe that showed their support.”